AGLOOK Service:

Membership Service:Aglook has 3 VIP levels: Silver VIP, Gold VIP and Diamond VIP. The following are the details of our VIP service.

Membership Type




Single Species Daily Report

Single Species Weekly Report

Single Species Market Price

Single Species Analysis

Single Species Customs Data (Monthl and Annual)

Publish supply and demand information

Daily Report of All Varieties


Weekly Report of All Varieties


Market Price of All Varieties


Analysis of All Varieties


Customs Data of All Varieties (Monthly and Annual)


Latest Information of International Suppliers and Buyers



Trade Specialists Help to Complete the Transaction Across the Whole Process



Domestic Business Visit and trade access



International Business Visit and trade access



Advertising Service from Aglook



Hold conferences and promote the well-knoeness for your products and your brand



DECX electronic trading No.



Annual fee




Website Promotion
1. Mainsite Promotion

Promotion Type


Highlight Company Promotion

1000 USD/Year

2. Video Promotion

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10-sec Video

299 USD/Year

15-sec Video

499 USD/Year

20-sec Video

599 USD/Year